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2017-10-09 01:39:30 by Jester

i got old

my last news post was in 2014

2015-04-25 13:41:48 by Jester

I have nothing to say but behold, music  







hugs, not drugs

2014-12-06 19:35:40 by Jester

HAHA IT'S TIME FOR A NEW NEWS POST3483641_141791266943_1358192200696.jpg

The teenage years are a 6-year juxtaposition between anger and sadness that's dominated by omnipotent horniness, and boy, has the ride been wild. 






back 2 skool

2014-09-02 17:29:46 by Jester

I'm always a bit excited for school to start again until I get there and remember i'm surrounded on all sides by slackjawed knuckle-dragging gorilla mothefuckers and gross lanky autist mothefuckers. My first day began with a ponytail-having jean shorts-wearing mothefucker from the latter group announcing to the class "my peepee tingles when I hold the handles," before laughing maniacally, which I don't know what the fuck that means, but it served as a good signal that the show had officially begun. 

Only 10 months to go. 


now songs



fuck aligning these shits

and there were no survivors

2014-07-25 20:57:52 by Jester

Riding the sky down to Florida in a few days to chillax and relax with Skaren for a week. Let this day mark the beginning of the end. 







I plead of thee have sympathy for me

2014-06-22 17:14:12 by Jester

Week 2(?) of summer vacation. Running out of shit to do. Hope is fading. 







fuck a duck

2014-06-09 15:01:45 by Jester

Skaren recently linked me to Joe Hawley of Tally Hall's apparently largely unknown album, Hawaii: Part II, and I've been in a constant state of amazement over it for roughly a week. I highly recommend it. That'll be all.



Cool Shit Vol 1: Rad Edition

2014-05-23 06:34:57 by Jester

Spiders must think ants are just deformed monstrosities



Playing Naked, Getting With Guns

2014-05-10 21:33:37 by Jester

Do whatever makes you laugh, lads.